Thursday, 2 August 2012

Inspired solution to the problem of lead theft

In a letter published in today's Times, our Trustee Hugh Petter suggests a novel and environmentally-friendly solution to the growing problem of lead thefts from historic churches.

Sir, The problem of lead being stolen from the roofs of historic buildings has become more acute in recent years as the bite of the recession becomes ever more profound. As a long-standing champion of historic buildings I was struck by the brilliance of an idea which has been applied to the church of some friends of mine in York which has suffered repeatedly at the hand of lead thieves. The flat roofs of this historic building are now the home of bees — this keeps the hives away from the public in urban areas, provides delicious honey for the local community and acts as a powerful disincentive for anyone minded to remove the lead. Since the hives were installed on the church in York there has been no further trouble.

Hugh Petter
Director, ADAM Architecture