Thursday, 27 November 2014

Burglary at country house in north Shropshire

Last Wednesday 19th November at about 8.00pm a burglary took place at a country house in North Shropshire. The intruders forced a ground floor sash window, breaking the lock, and made their way directly into the Drawing Room from where they stole the items listed below, fleeing swiftly having activated the property’s alarm.

There are no descriptions of a vehicle or the intruders themselves.

Please feel free to distribute this to any networks that you have that might help reunite the owners with their property.

If you have any information that might assist or should you sight any of the items listed below then please contact:

DS 1875 Andy Chatting
Tel: 07967 027 069

The Crime Ref;  22FG/ 75364R/14

1  George Graham Clock, the movement numbered 582, with calendar aperture and two subsidiary dials, 16 inches high
8 Miniatures (details below)
1 Bronze lady carrying Urn
1 Bronze Soldier
1 Bronze Warrior
1 Leopard sitting on a rock
2 Blue and Yellow Urns
2 Silver Ashtrays with Rupee pieces in the centre
Contents out of the Vitrine as marked below
1 Silver gilt Pill box

Miniatures stolen of:

Maud Lloyd 1892 full face wearing a white dress oval 4inches

William Lloyd by M Parker signed and dated 1826 on the back. Wearing a black uniform. Rectangular 3/4inches

A double sided French miniature of a young boy and his sister.
Depins (sic) signed circa 1800 the one side with a girl and her dog, the other of her brother in a blue suit. 21/4 inch diameter

Miniature of a Gentleman, English school circa 1790. Head and shoulders, full face wearing a blue jacket and white waistcoat and cravat. Oval 2/4 inches

Countess Maroni by the Marchioness of Santa Cruz, signed and dated 1815. Head and shoulders, full face wearing and ermine shawl over a green velvet frock and with a pearl fillet in her hair. Oval 2inches

A photograph of a miniature showing a lady in sepia tones. Oval 2 inches

Edward Harvey Lloyd, 1826 head and shoulders, full face wearing a Van Dyke collar, within a papier mache frame. Rectangular 4 inches

William Fitz Warren Lloyd in the uniform of the horse guards, Circa 1828 after an earlier miniature of portrait, papier mache frame

Contents of the Vitrine:
3 Watches
Turned wood snuff box
Silver Rattle
Enamel Wrist Band
Various Desk Seals
Memorial work
Snuff Box

Gold mounted dress seals and others

Monday, 24 November 2014

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