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15 JULY 2015


The national charity for the preservation of Georgian heritage has appointed Christopher Boyle QC as its new chairman in succession to Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd. The Georgian Group, founded in 1937 to fight threats to historic buildings, made the choice at a meeting of its trustees last night.

Mr Boyle specialises in Town and Country Planning, Compulsory Purchase, Environmental and Infrastructure Law and was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2013. Having served as a Trustee of HRH The Prince of Wales’ Prince’s Foundation for Building Community from 2009-2014, he was appointed in 2014 as Chairman of its Advisory Board. He is a trustee of the Cumbria Buildings Preservation Trust, which has been working to save Rose Castle, the former home of the Bishops of Carlisle, and served both as an elected member on the Council of the National Trust 2007-2012 and on its Rural Enterprise Panel 2009-2015. Although practising from London, he lives and farms in rural Cumbria and is currently restoring Kirklinton Hall, a 1680s country house in Cumbria.

Mr Boyle said: “I am delighted to be asked to lead a charity that is at the forefront of protecting one of the country’s greatest assets – its historic buildings and landscapes. Our heritage is one of the engines of the British economy, contributing an estimated £25bn to the UK exchequer annually, and is also central to our social and environmental wellbeing and sense of national identity. At the heart of our heritage are Georgian cities, public spaces, houses, ecclesiastical and public buildings, gardens, designed landscapes and urban planning that rank among some of our finest design achievements and respond to our need for beauty, harmony and proportion. Without always realising it, many of us across the country are lifted up each day by our experience of Georgian design.

“We at the Georgian Group are here to protect that legacy against persistent threats, from outright demolition to erosion of character and degradation of settings. Making sure we continue to have great places in which to live and work comes with a price tag - eternal vigilance. The Georgian Group will provide that with renewed vigour, working with our partners in government and the heritage sector and with the public, who time and again show an appetite for beautiful places that are built well to a human scale”.

Note to editors 

The Georgian Group is a key line of defence against threats to the nation’s 200,000 Georgian buildings and landscapes. As a statutory consultee in the planning system in England and Wales, it is asked every year to review around 6000 planning applications, ranging from minor alterations to demolitions, and its constructive input has helped save many buildings. It also provides practical advice to those seeking to restore and maintain Georgian buildings.

Christopher Boyle is available for interview on 020 7430 1221 or 


  1. Perfect timing! During the week I was reading SAVE's Buildings at Risk Register 2015: Ten British buildings in need of a little love:

    Who creates that list? And does The Georgian Group examine this list when making its own priorities for buildings to be rescued?

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